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Behind the Scenes Planning with Meghan | Tips & Advice

We are getting very close and have been very busy the past three months as we are under two months away from the big day!

Most of the wedding details and planning are set in stone and I would love to reflect and share some tips and learnings from our decisions along the way.

Know your Guests: It is definitely possible, depending on the size of your wedding, that you and/or your fiancé don’t know every single guest. The hope is to know the general vibe when the majority of your guests are altogether. We made a few choices knowing our friends were priority when creating our invite list. This is also important information to share with your planner to set expectations.

Open bar, cash bar or both: Catering, venue and budget will all be factors when deciding how you will keep your guests’ glasses full. There are no official rules of how to handle the bar and there are lots of appropriate options. We decided to go with hosted beer and wine and a cash bar to give our guests options while still maintaining within our budget.

Inspiration Photo: Styled Shoot with WW&Co and Ashley Cook Photography

Inspiration Photo: Styled Shoot with WW&Co and Ashley Cook Photography

Design Recommendations: When prioritizing what design elements fit into your aesthetic and budget, two recommendations I have: consider linens and don’t be afraid to incorporate things you love! Linens help bring a space together and also add color, depth and pattern especially in a larger venue space, like ours at the Oregon Golf Club. The addition of quality linens creates a polished and finished look to any event. I will admit I love balloons, especially letter balloons! I am sure I will look back 20 years from now and say “what was I thinking?!” but this décor item is one I am truly looking forward to (and can’t wait to share the final result!)

Now to some fun stuff!

Week-of Plans: Scott and I have decided to plan a few social activities the week-of the wedding for our bridal party, family and friends local and out of town to ensure we will take full advantage of this special time in our lives. Although, the week leading up can be stressful and busy, in some ways, having a schedule of things we want to do will help keep us in the moment and worry less about the big day.  This is also where having a wedding planner comes in handy!  Having someone experienced to execute your vision, at least starting the month-of, allows you to let go of the logistics and just be in the moment with your family and friends.

Looking forward to sharing my post wedding blog so stay tuned and be sure to follow @whitneywertsandco to see the behind the scenes.


Behind the Scenes Planning with Meghan | Introduction & Engagement Photos

If you work in the wedding industry chances are, you know the ins and outs of what makes a truly amazing wedding day. You may work with a bride and groom’s vision from an actual picture, a Pinterest board, or a dinner conversation (those can sometimes be the best!).


In six months, I, (Meghan, Event Producer at Whitney Werts & Company) will take my turn being THE bride on May 12, 2018 at the Oregon Golf Club. I will (or try to, ha!) take off my event producer hat and enjoy a day that has only been a dream thus far. Over the next months, I look forward to sharing some personal insights, knowledge and learnings from my own planning experience. Be sure to understand that I know not everything I share will apply to your day, your clients or your vision but I believe it is important and humbling to have the chance to follow along.

Scott and I got engaged last October, so yes, you could say we have enjoyed a nice engagement. For us, having a longer engagement has been beneficial for our families and even our own relationship. We were fortunate enough to go on a family trip to Hawaii in July which became the perfect opportunity and backdrop for our engagement session.

It had been rainy and cloudy (a tropical rain) the day before we took our photos so as you can image the texts sent to the photographer were frequent. First milestone: learn to accept and believe that what will be will be and positive thoughts only!

When we looked through all 115 photos together, it was the first time we really saw and had time to reflect on our relationship and love for each other through raw, emotional, and authentic lens. It wasn’t a selfie shoot like we are typically use to where we review the photo and retake until it’s just right. We noticed each other let down guards and let go of insecurities, which created moments and photos that still seem surreal. Take a look and enjoy some of our favorites! 

Love, Meghan

Photographer: Jenna Strubhar
Location: Ironwoods Beach at Kapalua, Maui, HI

Introducing Whitney Werts & Company | Our New Name & New Look! | Portland Wedding Planner

We are so excited to introduce to you our new name and new look!  When I started Whitney Werts Events in 2012, I was young, driven, and with big dreams to establish a company that would fulfill my passion for the details and personalization that goes into the coordination of each event.  These past 5 years have been extremely rewarding-- filled with lots of exciting firsts, new opportunities, friends, challenges, lessons, incredible and inspiring clients, and of course growth!  I have put countless hours and heart into this business and it has evolved into a company that I am really proud of.

Going through the rebranding process enabled me to do some sole searching and not only reflect on how far we have come, but also what we have envisioned for the future.  While our look and our experiences have grown, our foundation and priorities still remain the same.  We are a boutique planning company, each of us take on a limited amount of events a year, and having a personal working relationships with our clients always will be our priority!  Getting to know our clients not only enables us to be the best planners we can be for our clients, but it also is what gives us the satisfaction and fulfillment in what we do.  Getting connected with our clients and seeing them live out their dream wedding day with their family and friends will never get old!

The Name - Whitney Werts & Company!
Not only have we matured as a company in these past 5 years, but our team has also grown!  I am so proud and blessed to have these talented, strong, ambitious women by my side.  This new name represents our growing team; it is not just a solo endeavor anymore, and I could not do it without these ladies by my side.  

The Look – Thanks to See Level Design Co.!
Our new look, reflects the maturity and years of experience we bring to the table.  With our vast knowledge of the ins and outs of what makes an event successful, and our extensive vendor relationships, we deliver personal, sophisticated, and timeless one-of-a-kind events for each of our clients.  And a big shout out and thank you to my friend Kelly of See Level Design Co. who brought our new look to life!

Introducing our Blog!
Stay tuned to get to know us more on our blog and see what we are up to.   We are excited to be able to share more real weddings & their stories with you as well as valuable tips and professional guidance that may help you through your own planning process!

Whitney Perry, Owner & Lead Designer


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